Il Giaciglio di Annibale


Places & Tours

Sport, Culture, Relax and excellent italianfood. What do you choose?

Discover Piacenza and its valleys, a genuine territory that still represents a route outside the traditional tourist circuits as suggested by The Guardian.
You can book a guided tour (OUR TOURS) or use all the information available on the farm (books, guides, maps and our tips …). At Il Giaciglio di Annibale you can also take advantage of the on-site e-Bike rental to visit the Trebbia Valley and its wonderful itineraries.


e-Bike Rental & Tours

Discover routes and flavors of the Piacenza hills thanks to our on-site e-bike rental service. It is also possible to book a guided tour with a qualified guide.
Packed lunch on request.


The “Beaches” of Trebbia Valley

Relax and dive in the Trebbia river immersed in the Grand Canyon of Piacenza ( “the most beautiful valley in the world” according to Hemingway). Guaranteed fun for your dogs too!


Medieval Castles and Villages

Bobbio (Medieval village “Borgo dei Borghi” 2019)
Castle of Rivalta’s Castle
Castle of Agazzano’s Castle
Rocca d’Olgisio
Grazzano Visconti
Archaeological Village of Travo and its Castle
Borgo di Brugnello


Trekking on the Annibale footsteps

Croara wood
Paths for Momeliano
Parcellara stone
Perduca stone
Perino waterfalls
Carlone Falls
Path for Bagnolo
Brugnello and Adventure Park for young and old


Discovering Piacenza city

Cathedral with the ascent of the Cupola (Guercino)
Basilica of Sant’Antonino
Church of San Francesco
Piazza Cavalli
Gothic palace
Palazzo Farnese and the Civic Museums
Santa Maria di Campagna (Dome of the Pordenone)
Ricci Oddi Art Gallery (with the rediscovered painting “Portrait of a Lady” by Klimt)


Gastronomic Tours

Cured meats DOP (Coppa, Salame and Pancetta)
Gnocco fritto, Bortellina and Batarò
Tortelli with tails
Pisarei e Fasö
Picula ad caval, asinina and much more!


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